From the story of creation, man and woman were placed in the Garden of Eden having equal rights over all things. Most especially the power to create, nurture and transform was given to woman, this can be said to be the full circle of life. We live in an ever changing society where values, societal morals and even technology have constantly changed, and reshaped our mental perspective towards life.

In recent times things have changed and ideologies have also changed. women are no longer subject to the roles of retiring to the kitchen alone but now with the increasing rate of educated females and also with awareness programmes reaching the rural community, women take the lead in most roles today, it’s hard for you to work in an organization and not see a lady as a top official or attain a respected position. You even find women in the political systems today playing major roles in the country’s economy.

A career woman or working class professional can be described as a distinguished lady, with solid educational background, a high achiever or well respect personnel of the society. A career woman may not necessarily work in an organization but she can also be an entrepreneur owning and controlling her business, but all the same in summary she is regarded as a successful woman having created a name for herself in the path of life she has chosen. Now let’s get to the aspect the society talks most about.

Having describe what a career woman ought to be it is no doubt that in summary you can say she is independent but by a woman being independent in this modern age it’s no doubt a good thing but societal morals hold to certain things like when a lady is independent she drives away the other sex, when a lady is independent the society depicts her as irresponsible because she lives alone without having a male partner, when a lady is independent she is not allowed to attend certain functions because it’s better to be seen with a partner than go alone, when a lady is successful men fear her wealth and get intimated by it, even when an independent lady looks for housing some landlords wont accommodate her because she lives alone.

All these issues raised are just the little aspects picked from research, and to say the society has a wrong idea of a career woman because the society thinks no matter how a woman can be success she still needs a man to compliment her success I totally disagree with this. In law there is something called “gender quality” and this is defined as both man and woman having equal rights to do whatever they please. It’s acceptable for a man to be more successful than a woman but vice versa its totally not acceptable if this is the case then why do females get educated, and a popular saying goes what a man can do a woman can do better because she has observe the flaws of man and has used it to her advantage.

Even when a career woman gets married and has kids the society says she won’t be able to train her children properly or perform her motherly duties like cooking, cleaning, home organization etc. Although they forget that a woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country. Nowadays many career women strike a balance between their jobs and their homes because it all boils down to the individual and where they place focus and priority. Presidential aspirant of US Hilary Clinton is also a wife and mother and this goes to show that women know how to balance but aspect of their lives even though they may be seen as the weaker sex but let me inform you also that even seen as a weakling, women do not allow the weakness cloud their judgments in areas that they place importance to. The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation.

Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.

A stay home mother or housewife fondly called is one who owns a small business or one who stays at home to cater for the family and has no job but depends on the income of her husband as the head of the family. From my research conducted most stay home wives are graduates or have a minimum educational background, but on getting married they have to conform to the values of their husbands and become submissive to him.

The idea backing a stay home wife is for her to take care of her children adequately and give them the time and support they need to their development into bright leaders of the future. Most stay home wives connect with their friends and family but the disadvantage here is that because they do not work they lack certain level of independence a woman should have and also in the case of economic meltdown they won’t be able to support their husbands because they lack financial assistance and this can cause a major setback for the family. Most stay home wives are not exposed to happenings of the world as they lack certain degree of exposure which can only be gotten from experience and as such they may be seen as myopic from a professional point of view regarding some fundamental issues.

A stay home wife will give her children 100percent attention because she is always available and also will be able to know their strengths, weaknesses and correct their flaws quickly before they grow up with some habits but a career woman and mother will have time for her kids but miss vital and little details from them due to her busy schedule and hence may not be able to correct something’s about her children. In past times women stayed at home because the men had to work to provide for the family but now through education and great philosophers have redefined that concept.

A woman works equally to support the home because a woman with a voice is the definition of a strong woman but the search for the voice can be remarkably difficult if the woman isn’t aware of her rights.

In summary of it all let us try to be distinguished women, learn to strike a balance and have a voice that attracts positive vibes and also help others in the society at large not leaving the need to build our homes effectively.