So I woke up this morning to needle like pricking on my head. I make to bat away at the source of the pain and make contact with my 4year old’s fingers. I immediately ask for my phone and check the time, it is exactly 6:45am! I tell him what time it is and also point out that it is not a school day and at such he should still be in bed. (His older sister does not take these days for granted!) All the time I am explaining this to him he is still busy pulling at my hair, I ask him why the obsession with my hair and he explains that he can see white (grey hairs) in my hair and he is trying to take them out for me so I do not look like grandpa.

By this time my patience is beginning to wear out as I want to go back to sleep but I reign it in( Haba! It is too early to be angry mummy) Back to the story at hand. I tell my son not to worry about me and my hair but to go back to his bed and try and catch some more sleep or better still take my phone and watch some cartoons. I also did my best to explain to him that mummy needs more sleep. He replies by mumbling something and getting off the bed. Relieved that he understood me and got the message, I went back to sleep. All through this dialogue his dad was busy snoring away by my side, oblivious to us. (that is a story for another day).

Alas, how was I to know that he went back for more power! I was slipping back into beautiful sleep oblivion (shifting my sleep gear to smooth cruising) when I felt the room door open ( yes I felt the door open!)I still refused to open my eyes until I felt the mattress dip beside me and I realised they were back. Despite knowing this I still slept and ‘maintained my corner’, but it was not for long. I felt the first touch a few seconds after with the much expected word… mummy?, mummy?, mummy? It was my daughter this time around and she had come to investigate the ‘whites’ in my hair. I did not answer this time around, just shut my eyes tightly and pretended to be asleep. That was a misstep on my part, the next thing I felt was four hands on my head pulling at my hair and looking for whites.

In my mind I tell myself I will just continue to ignore them and they would get tired after a few minutes and leave me alone. HOW WRONG OF ME! Looking back now I should have just asked them to stop and explained to them that I still needed more sleep. They proceeded to have a conversation starting from how their week went in school to the birthday parties they have been invited to, what they were going to wear and what they wanted for breakfast. A few minutes into their conversation and I had no choice but to join in. I looked at the bedside clock and it was 7:11am. Daddy all the while was still happily snoring away beside me.  We carried on our ‘conversation’ for a while longer discussing all the topics I mentioned above. When we got to the food part I knew it was time to get my behind in gear.    To be continued…