December is the 12th month of the year and to some people, it does comes with a feeling of fear, disappointments, frustrations and the thought provoking or dreaded question we ask ourselves “what did I achieve this year? Most of us come into the year with many New Year resolutions both the ones achievable and the ones that demands a miracle. We write long lists and get into the New Year with excitement and renewed vigor to rock the year and suddenly, we see December and realized that most of our expectations were not met in the year and some have to be pushed to the coming year. If you achieved most of your goals this year, congratulations and if you didn’t and going through the sad blues because you failed to meet expectations, this is for you…69118570-368-k745835

  1. Review the year: Now you are faced with the realities of the year, January has suddenly moved to December and you are wondering, how time flies! You are not alone in this but you will need to do this alone. endeavor to review the year, see what you achieved, what you didn’t achieve, what worked and what didn’t, why it failed and what delay you experienced as the months rolled by
  2. Be realistic: most of the time, we always burden the new year with many unrealistic resolutions…this year, I will jump a skyscraper on my two feet”- but you are so scared of heights and that never happened, this year, I will buy the latest jet and fly the world with my wife but you don’t even have a job! So, apart from one or two miraculous happenings, something’s don’t just happen and even if they will, it might not be at the time we wanted it, so try to look at your expectations and study it. Were they realistic enough?
  3. Gratitude: Gratitude they say is the attitude you need for the next altitude of your life. Things might not have gone well for you this year but you still have to be grateful. If you look within and around you, there are so many things to be grateful for. The fact that you are alive and healthy is one of them, after all, if you were dead and gone, you wouldn’t even have any worries or December blues in the first place and you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do it again in the coming year. Think of your family and friends that still got your back even when you let them down sometimes. Think of the little victories and the hope that a miracle could still happen. God created everything including you and I in 7 days therefore, 31 days is too much for him to do something awesome in your life. Be grateful for everything that worked and didn’t work, there is a purpose for everything you are going through and you will be fine.
  4. Write new goals: Now is the time to bring out those old goals you wrote in January, look at the ones you achieved or almost achieved and the ones you didn’t even think about then write them again. This time, be more resolute, determined and realistic. Also, don’t be afraid to add new big ones too, sometimes, those new goals fuel the old ones. I will give an example with Mogulettes Africa, the vision for it came in march 2016 and before now, I just wanted to be seen on TV hosting a youth show which never came but when I started making moves for Mogulettes Africa, the door to have my TV show opened widely for me. So, first visualize the goals and timing in your heart then write it out. Don’t just write it, write it and put a date for execution in each of them. If you want to achieve something new each month of the New Year, note it there, get it online and then work towards it.
  5. Plan ahead: now you have written your goals, there is nothing stopping you from making one or two inquiries, dusting that truck, upgrading that resume, calling that business associate, meeting with that rich client, writing that killer business proposal. Just plan ahead and take proactive action oriented steps. Plan your goals for the new year in such that when January comes, your goals are no longer in paper, they are now part of your daily activities
  6. Be positive and happy: you need mental, physical and spiritual balance to achieve anything great in life and your state of mind means a lot. I know it is very tempting to brood, wine and complain about the things you couldn’t achieve this year or the people who failed you, but decide to be positive about everything and accept that they are for reasons and remember, what you think of, is what you see. If you think positive and remain joyful, positive things will not cease from you and you will always find reason to be happy no matter what life throws at you.
  7. Accept your mistakes: Some things come to your life, not necessarily to stay, but to teach you a lesson. You might have made some mistakes and you can’t forgive yourself for it, please do and stop beating yourself. You are only human and you don’t have to be in control of the things that happen to you all the time. You wanted to get married in 2016 for example but you didn’t create time for a relationship that was not the fault of the year, it was yours so accept it and tell yourself; I am going to have a great relationship that will lead to the aisle in the coming year.
  8. Let go: I have said this many times on previous write-ups, let go. Let go of the things you are struggling with year in and year out. If you know it didn’t work out the previous year and this year, accept that it might not work out the coming year and take your mind of it. Try to find peace and solace in the things that are working for you and let go of the ones that are not working. Let go of the people that are hurting you, friends that are not adding value to you, a job that is not bringing fulfillment and a habit that is destroying you gradually. Let it all go and make yourself baggage free for the coming year.
  9. Trust your timing: Sure there is time for everything to happen under the sun and you got to trust the purpose of your timing. You must understand that you cannot run your own life’s race with another man’s legs, you gotta focus on your own clock and know what its saying. There is a good reason why you have not achieved some of the things you want to achieve, not because you are not worth it, but you are being prepared for it. Just keep working on making yourself a better person and working towards it because whenever it comes, it will be the perfect time.
  10. Strengthen your beliefs: Develop a thick skin for what do you believe in. think of what keeps you going when you are down and out and feel like rapture or suicide, find strength in it again. Do things that will help you relax, keep you motivated and hopeful of the good things to come. Read, swim, cry, shout, sing, do exercise, go for yoga or sweat it out dancing to your favorite music, travel and eat good food. Just find your grooves again.
  11. End it well: you cannot afford to start January with excitement and end with a down side mood, you owe it to yourself and to the universe to end it strong. End it with laughter, with candles, with a vision, with a killer goal in mind, end it with a sense of purpose for the coming year and the coming year shall start well for you.
  12. Pray: One of the best ways to find fulfillment in life is to have a good relationship with Christ. Most of the things we aim for in the physical world exist first in our spirit realm, when you learn to tap into your spiritual identity, things becomes easier for you to attain in the physical world. So, if you have never meditated or mellowed in a quiet place for the whole 365 days, now is the time to do it. The year is ending and you are going into a new one and yet, most of your expectations were not met or you are not satisfied with how you spent the year, just give God the yokes and burdens in prayers. When you pray, you are lifting the yoke, the pains, the frustrations and the disappointment to God, the maker of all things, you are telling him what you want for the New Year and trust me, the law of positive attraction will listen to you. This act prepares you ahead for a more fruitful and purpose driven year ahead.

These and more are what I think would help you cope with end of the year blues and it is my hope and prayer that you end the year strong, happy and fulfilled with better expectations and goals for the coming year. Finally, I have not achieved all the things I wanted this year and I have decided not to brood over anything because I believe the future is still bright, I am just going to flex through the remaining days and gather my spoils in gratitude to the God that does it in a twinkle of an eye! You can choose to grumble and you can choose to rock it, what would you rather do?