American election which is widely considered as the world’s most powerful and controversial election has come and yet produces another world leader. Today, more than ever, I believe in the saying; “when God says yes to a man, no one can bring him down. Man does propose but God disposes because he always has the final say no matter who is with you or against you”. Initially, both the Democratic (Hilary) and Republican (Trump) nominees for president had low approval rating even within their jurisdictions but as we can see, miracles do happen.

Honestly, it’s a huge shock for me to wake up this morning and realize Donald Trump won the US presidency after he went through so much bullying, fears and uncertainty of the outcome of the election. I know you are disappointed, you probably felt it was a dream and someone should wake you up. Most Africans wanted Hilary Clinton due to her political manifesto and as a woman, I do too especially because there is nothing wrong in having a female president in America and world power in about 240 years.

I felt Hilary was more qualified to be president because she understands American politics than Trump who is just an astute business man and entrepreneur; Hilary has been a first lady, she has served as secretary of state and she is an elder states man when it comes to American politics. She also she had support from major Africans, she had support from celebrities and she had the backing of the democratic party which had the outgoing US president; Barrack Obama, she also had the support and prayers of women in general who believed that a woman should be in the white house and until the early hours of 8th November, the world still rooted for Hilary Clinton but fortunately for Donald Trump, the good tide fell on him.

In a nutshell, Hilary didn’t win because of the following reasons according to Joseph Mattera, an internationally known author, activist and theologian; “first, her Supreme Court Justice Selections, her view on the Freedom of Religion, her View on Abortion, her Constant email Scandals, her Foreign Policy which seem Disastrous etc. source: ( Some Americans also believe she will use her presidential powers to fulfill all Bill Clinton’s wishes for America; she has a Life Spent as Washington Insider from first lady, US secretary of state and being a senator.

They also claim that Hilary is part of a terrorist organization and connected to Benghazi, she defended a child rapist and laughed about it, she illegally accepted millions of Dollars from foreign governments through the Clinton Foundation, she is endorsed by the incumbent president, Barack Obama and that Hillary Clinton is not a champion of the middle class. Source:
Meanwhile, Donald Trump won because he fed the emotional beast in every man by making immigrants lower citizens, than born Americans and threatening to send all Africans and Mexicans to their country. He fed America’s established hatred for Islam as a religion at war with true American beliefs, a settled sentiment after 9-11, Trump fed the Christian sentiments at war with homosexuality and abortion, Trump fed the American spirit of greatness by copying Ronald Reagan’s promise “I will make America great again”, (Americans believe they are the greatest people alive). He fed the white supremacy fads and misogynistic Americans who needed just any white man to take over the white house after a black man has ruled them physically and psychologically for 8 years. Source: Koko Ombu.
In addition, he is a controversial celebrity and his long-term reality show the “Apprentice” has probably earned him some votes because some of his fans think he is someone they can trust. If he can appoint and fire people and also oversee his patriarchy in business, then he could most likely rule America successfully.
Finally, his Misogyny, racism and nihilism made him win. The world knew Trump was wildly ill-disciplined. There was outrageous behavior and offensive statements that alienated women, African Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, disabled people and, ultimately, believers in constitutional democracy. In any normal year, such a volatile package would have been disqualifying. But while those voices were amplified in the media, there were plenty of people who agreed with him. Some could not stomach the idea of a female president. Some proved that racism has not withered away, but rather in some cases has intensified, since the election of the first African American president. Source:

Contrarily, people think irrespective of Hilary’s flaws or Donald Trump’s unexpected victories, the millennia generation and the black American citizens didn’t match their voting power with their social participation. They actually engaged in bullying than actual actions (vote) leaving the fate of America in the hands of a so called ‘Racist’ who threatened global peace according to Diaspora views but the deed has been done and life must go on. But hey, take it or leave it, here are 6 things I learnt from the 2016 US election.

  1. Don’t hate the player, hate the game: Donald went through so much bullying, from his manhood being drawn and projected on the streets of America to his speeches being gruesome, he went through it all and never lost focus of his ambition as a president. But while he was being bullied, people forget that he is an entrepreneur, he is smart, he is the apprentice and he had masterminded some game plans that helped him win. Sometimes in life, we get so emotional in the things people do instead of find out why and how they do it.
  2. Believe in yourself and Stand for something: In all the lampooning, rigmarole and gibberish talks against him, plagiarism cases, threatening speeches and physical degrading activities he faced, he still believed in himself and he was on top of his game till the very end. He stood out against all odds, hates, indifference and global noise to face the storm of his election. You are your number one fan and greatest critic. Never belittle your capacities and personal believes. You must first believe in yourself before others will embrace you whether you are good or bad. On personal standards, you must stand for something in life and never compromise things. Remember, if you don’t stand for something in life, you will fall for everything. You have to be doggedly consistent and have uncompromising standards towards your belief even when people do not have same notion with you. These are qualities Donald Trump possessed. He knew he had some short comings and people do not buy into his immigration and economic policies for America and the world but he stood by his believes. Everywhere he campaigned, he said same thing and irrespective of what the media said against him, he was focused on his goal.
  3. Impossible is nothing: Impossibilities is the most possible word and in life, nothing is impossible to achieve no matter how unlikely and unqualified the situation may seem. Social media and the average world masses didn’t support him and at a point, it seem as though, the whole world was against him. Trump was considered alien to American politics and someone who had no clue of what the world needs but against all odds, he won the 2016 US election. That’s the power of possibility at play.
  4. Never give up on anyone: the table of life can turn to whatever direction it wills per-time so never give up or write anyone off in life because we are all a work in progress. I wonder how everyone who left Donald Trump including his campaign managers Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski would feel right now and also learnt some people resigned from his work place. Life is full of many twists to it and very unpredictable too. Sometimes, people need you the most in their down times and vice versa, don’t give up on them. People have things they are trying to improve upon, give them time and let’s be patient with one other.
  5. Give up control: life will not always go the way we plan it and things will happen that gives us no choice but to sail along. Also, understand that people will mostly say what you want to hear and they will go ahead and do what they want to do anyways. We cannot always be in control of people’s actions towards us, we can only hope that they see and accept what we want for them. At a point, people were psychologically tweaked and told to vote for Hilary and to dispel Trump but it obviously didn’t work because each time you tell people not to do something, they do the opposite to confirm their social rights and freedom to choose and most of the time, they act towards the path of curiosity and ask why not?
  6. Your past doesn’t always define your future: Having won, Donald Trump as president means that his wife whom the world has labeled naked, and plagiarized Michelle’s speech would become the US first lady. According to Rajiv Menon: “Melania just doesn’t fit into the mold of what other first lady candidates have shown in the past, Amidst the prospective first lady’s resurfaced nude photos, plagiarized speeches and controversy over her personal website containing inaccuracies, Donald Trump’s right hand woman has definitely been subject to criticism, but not nearly as much as anyone else if they were in her position.”Source: ( These scandals also proved that Melania could not even make a speech on her own and she seem so nervous when she has to face the people considering every criticism against her but note this; sometimes, we just get the things ( Love, partner, job, career, awards, family, position etc), we are not seemingly qualified for and that is life.

In conclusion, people all over the world are living in the hopes that he is going to be a positive surprise after all in that; he will not do all those things he threatened to do (let’s hope so). I love Hilary and I support her as a fellow woman should but better luck next time sis; and congratulations to the 45th president of the United States – Sir. Donald Trump, lines has indeed fallen for you in pleasant places and I can confidently say… EDA O LA ROPIN! What do you think of the US 2016 election? #Patinspires


  1. Joseph Mattera, an internationally known author, activist and theologian; “first, her Supreme Court Justice Selections, her view on the Freedom of Religion, her View on Abortion, her Constant email Scandals, her Foreign Policy which seem Disastrous etc. Things that actually roasted HC candidacy for the Oval Office.