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Vision:  To contribute to the total well-being of women and girls by inspiring more women in business and educating every Girl child.

  • To promote, inspire and help women start-ups both in Urban and Rural communities to be self-reliant.
  • To help foster a peaceful understanding of gender equality and form a better partnership with the menfolk
  • To help educate and inspire girl child education and her self-esteem through counseling, mentoring and sponsorship.

Mogulettes Africa Magazine is a cosmopolitan publication, established to celebrate and inspire our Women Moguls.  It is also an online community of women in business who shares common interest as they fulfill purpose in their various desired fields which ranges from leadership roles, to politics, music, Fashion, Ministry, Media, Home-building, Various start-ups businesses; Women led NGOs and Girl-Child education. Thus, with the sole aim of promoting women start-ups and supporting girl-child education, Mogulettes Magazine is born. Mogulettes is more than just a magazine, it is a female global movement set to inspire, celebrate and empower the womenfolk to live their dreams irrespective of their shortcomings in life.

Mogulettes Magazine online is poised to also bring you contents from exclusive interviews of women Mogulettes, fashion and beauty, relationship tips and women projects and events, lifestyle features etc. It shall be published quarterly and the maiden edition of the magazine would be launched at the Mogulettes Africa Conference in the second quarter of 2017, an annual networking event to inspire more women to succeed in all facets.  Our founder and Publisher is Miss Pat Obilor, the CEO of Sparkles Media and the host of #StandoutWithPat talk-show. Click here to meet her- http://standoutwithpat.tv/the-host/

Reader Profile

Our typical reader is a stylish and ambitious female between 20 and 50 years old. She has a sense of purpose, a life, a career and she is educationally sound. She is a budding entrepreneur and has a business of her own or aspiring to climb the professional ladder in her career. She is smart, creative, urban and cosmopolitan in her way of life. She is a Mogulette!

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