Mogulettes Meetup is the maiden meeting of Mogulettes Africa Magazine and online women community organized to bring the beautiful ladies who have been networking with one another online for the past 6months since the initiative was birthed in March 2016; which also came on the heels of the launching of its online blog. The meeting went very successful with the presence of the Mogulettes ladies who rocked their T. shirts and Mrs Mary Ikoku, the founder of working Moms Africa and the CEO of Access media who flew in from Abuja to hold an impact 2 hours timed session with the young eager ladies.


According to Pat Obilor, the founder of the women startup community, the whole concept and reason behind Mogulettes Africa which three main goals is to 1. Celebrate African women moguls, 2. Support women startup businesses and 3. Contribute to the education of the girl child among other things. In her words, Mary Ikoku shared some life nuggets with the ladies in these well captured statements:

“To succeed in life, there are things you need to put in place as young ladies. I am a prudent person and anytime I want to spend money on something, I always put myself in the shoes of the people who don’t have. Also, work on your skills, do internships and volunteer to work for free, it takes you far and it helps you grow. The skills you need for a job are not taught in school, they are out there so work while you school. In marriage or relationship, have a man who supports you and make sure he is someone you can marry, do not compromise your standards for a man. As a woman, be independent too and don’t be a liability for any man, he won’t respect you. “Bring… all the time, is only in the body of a cow! On purpose, she said: as a woman or as an individual, you have to get to a point where you think of making impact and relevance in your society. You have to get to a point in your life when all you want to do is to save humanity but in doing that, seek support and help because you cannot do it all alone. on relationships and business, she said humility and contentment is key, don’t take people’s interest in you for granted and do not mortgage your self esteem by begging for money, instead, think of ways to add value to those new people and see how things work out. She also said that a product or service should not be overpriced or reduced in value and relationships should be built than giving of tip offs.

aff1630a-3209-4f77-8cb8-090f72e17d40On self discipline, she said: mediocrity can get you in the job but it can never keep you in the job. So anytime you have a new job or you need to do a new project, ensure that your name, your professionalism and your integrity is not polluted. That is the personal principles I live by and it has helped me a lot. She also shed light on the need to work with the Men folk in speeding up things when she stated that: “ If you want to end domestic violence today, involve men, trust me, they hate it too when women are hurt in any way and they can help”.  Finally, she also made a similarity between Lagos and Abuja when she said, Lagos keeps you on your toes and Abuja makes you relaxed and laidback, so if you need to keep your relevance, Lagos is the place to be. On criticisms and distractions, she said: “the only way people will not talk about you or criticize you is for you to say nothing, do nothing and be nothing, and that when people talk or criticize you, it is time for you to throw a party (literally) because that means, you are becoming relevant in whatever you stand for as a person.” – Mary Ikoku, founder, Working Moms Africa

69bfd933-74db-4086-9b6b-2db056625945Koko Ombu, one of the Mogulettes in charge of the planning also buttress on the need for women to encourage one another and grow, she said Rome is not built in a day and that the fact that the first Mogulettes Meetup was held in a garage is a good sign that the vision will grow to outlast these difficult times because most big corporations ruling the world today such as Apple started in the garage and if you ask me, that was inspiring to hear and that statement made me feel like one of the wise 7 virgins waiting for the bridegroom! (More pictures after the cut)