I remember those lyrics from Abba…

“Money money money,
always sunny in a rich man ‘s world,…

Ahhhhhhhh,  Ahhhhhhhh,
all the things I could do,
If I had a little money”…

…It is quite unfortunate that we all can’t be rich or have all the money we want.  If everyone has money,  no one will need anybody. But then,  we all need money to achieve one thing or the other. The question is,  how do we go about getting it?  Don’t look for it,  create a value that will attract it. Simple?  A fan on Facebook once wrote that money is a fool,  a bitch and blah blah… Probably out of frustration. He is of the opinion that some people are undeserving of financial wealth but money is not a fool and should not be personalized in the first place. Money obeys principles and is no respecter of persons.  It is a valued paper that gravitates more to those who sees opportunities in problems , take risks or  offer great services,  and it increases in the hands of those who inherited it if well harnessed;  maybe not necessarily what’s moral, right or wrong, unfortunately.

The principle of money respects time, talent/potential, skills, intellect or ability when it is converted to value. Let’s take a look at some of these principles.

Work value principle : Money answers to value,  not your wishes.  Value is the gut idea you have about something that you can convert it to a product,  business or service which is beneficial to people.  I once quoted that: “you are an entrepreneur by default. Find out what you love doing and turn it to business. You will make money and also be fulfilled.” Value is being able to monetize what you are gifted with so that it can bless or serve others.  The value you create is the work you do to attract money to you.  For example,  turning your ability to write into a book that would be sold ,  you have eyes for beauty and you can revamp things, then you become a graphic,  architect or interior  designer, if  you find it easy to brainstorm ideas,  then you can sell contents,  if you love to talk and act,  how many movies have you featured in and who has heard you speak?  It is high time you create your own platform.  Some people also have passion for charity works,  counseling others,  travelling,  cooking,  etc but how have you been able to monetize it?

The money we have, gets to us from people… As the saying goes,  anywhere you see people,  you see money.  Therefore,  money is not a bitch,  money is people and people want value.  So what value are you creating,  what can people buy from you or consult you for.  What can people pay you for? What is that thing you can do better than others? Think about it and convert  it to cash.

Social principle – Except you’re from a wealthy home,  or you have the covering of people like Bill Gates,  Dangote  etc as your father,  if you are a wasteful person,  money will elude you.  You might not feel it now,  it is a gradual process. Learn to avoid some unnecessary social pressure that doesn’t add value to you  5 years down the line. Manage your time well by engaging in activities  that gets you closer to financial freedom and abundance. Whatever you are doing now,  ask yourself,  will it matter in some years from now?  Be true to yourself,  if you can’t afford an iPhone 7 or a Samsung s5. Don’t buy it. Rock your Infinix  hot 4 for now.  Reduce Designer wears and accessories, frequent travels and holidays,  brunch and weekend getaways at expensive hotels  etc. All these ephemeral things won’t add up to you except you have worked really hard and your account won’t be empty at the end of the month/year. Now don’t get me wrong,  I know there are stages you get to in life, and some business meetings or acquaintances would warrant you to indulge in some sort of luxury but make sure you have saved for it and the huddle will pay at the end.

Giveback principle:  The other aspect is to spread your financial tentacles to others.  Give because you are grateful for life and the opportunities you have enjoyed not because you want something back.   Learn to sow your money, time and value on good causes, use your money for impacting lives,  sowing seeds into other people business,  taking care of your children’s ambitions and education,  support your wife’s career, contribute to your husband’s business and don’t forget your family and friends.

Financial principle – Always have a plan for your money before you make it and send it on an errand when it comes. When you want to buy something,  plan for it,  have a daily,  weekly,  monthly,  yearly budget.  My close friends and family knows that I plan ahead even for vacation.  Before I go to the  market for instance,  I have a checklists,  if I am shopping and I see what I like,  I deny myself because I know that I don’t need it.  If I needed it,  it would be on my list. Delayed gratification is fine when you are building your financial future.  Also, Investing in the right things is one of the keys to wealth. First,  invest in real estate, I mentioned real estate because it has proven to pay over time.  Buy a land or a house,  let it appreciate and resell it.  Build properties for lease or rent.  The other options are to invest in  Stocks,  shares, Gold,  treasury bills etc.

Spiritual principle :  First, this might be too deep for some people to comprehend but it is not about religion,  it is one of the principles of wealth creation and connecting to the divine.  As a Christian,  I can’t shy away from the God factor in the things I do because I know that I am not just an existential  scientific/biological calculation,  I am a spiritual being living with a sense of purpose and as such,  I need to save in my spiritual bank just as I amass wealth in my physical life. You can’t amount to much in life without a sense of spiritual consciousness. Can I tell you a secret,  every great man or woman you see out there knows, understands and believes in this principle. Personally,  I have zeroed  my financial giving to the things of God as the rent I have to pay to enjoy longevity and exploits and I feel great every time I obey this principle.  Deutoronomy 1:8 and Matthew 6:33 explains this more, try read it.

To enjoy a supernatural financial dominion, there is the  principle of sacrifices such as alms giving,  tithes and offerings which is becoming a controversial topic in these days and time when technological advancements is beginning to influence human thoughts and actions against  Kingdom orders. Your tithe is your 10% of the money you make and you are free to donate it to a cause or a church that you have some sort of spiritual connection with.  You might not know how your money is spent but remember that obedience is better than sacrifice.  You need not bother who flies a private jet with your money,  just share what you have according to your conscience but never give out of duress or motivational manipulations.  Be spiritually logical and alert when you pray and sow your sweats.  The only motivation you need to contribute to God’s Kingdom which you are a part of, is to know that when God blesses the works of your hands, you must think of yourself as a vessel unto honor fit for his use,  not a reservoir.  A reservoir mindset decays with time but a vessel remains fresh and valued. If you can’t always be in church or in the company of Brethren,  let your sweat (money or skills) speak for you.  Next time you want to pay your tithe or offerings,  think of yourself as an investor in your Heavenly account and what God will do with your obedience to Malachi 3:10.

I hope this write-ups answers some of your questions about money and you will begin to have a more positive attitude towards it.  I also hope you will continue to add value to people so you can attract and enjoy all round wealth.

Do have a wealthy filled week 😘

Pat Obilor – #LifeofaMediagirl.