We have over 7.5billion people in the world but just this your one face, everyone does have different look and there are times you meet people who look like you but trust me, your face is uniquely yours so why are you punishing us by hiding them? the rate at which my ladies wear their makeup these days is alarming owing to the transition through the power of makeup. some will even be bold enough to show you their real face which they dont like in honor of their over makeuped look which they like and feel good on.
I like makeup but it is not an obsession and i will prefer to go everywhere with my bare face with lipsticks and sunglasses on ofcousrse except if i have major events and even at that, my makeup is still minimal. I even try to give my makeup artiste specifics on what i want to be used on my face. no double foundation and all the deep concealer and heavy eyebrows, eyeliners or eye shadows. i dont want to hide my face or real look, i want people to see me and still say, this is Pat Obilor without saying”oh you changed, i guess its the makeup”. I hear people make such comments to some ladies and i take that as an insult. I have even heard cases where men practically deny their brides on honeymoon because she didn’t look like the bride he married or been dating. this is because every time the guy comes, she is on makeup even in the mornings!

Whatever your look is, be content with it, makeup is to enhance your natural look not to give you another person’s look. some people’s natural look is Rashidat but they want to look like Sasha Fierce; that is character makeup and a character makeup makes you look like someone else. In case you think i don’t know what i am saying, i actually studied Theatre arts and i took a makeup course in my penultimate year so let me describe briefly the three types of makeup that we have and you can choose where you fall in.
1. Fantastic Makeup: this is the kind of makeup you do for Halloween, Burlesque events, club parties, guess who gigs, or to create a larger than life impression of yourself etc. It is a grandeur and a very heavy kind of makeup with all the colours and modern day beauty enhancement products. Mostly, If you want to have that Jezebel or witchy kinda look, this is your makeup, go for it.
2. Character makeup is the type of makeup that makes you look like someone else. it is more focused on branding your face to look like another kind of person and these is what we have these days. in Theatre, it is role-playing, it is done to help you fit into a particular setting and characterization and it is very magical. in character makeup, a Jim Iyke could be made into an Olu Jacobs and a Tonto Dikeh could be transformed into a Clarion Chukwura, so its about role interpretation. So when next you want to do a character makeup, ask yourself, am i an actress and what role am i playing?
3. Straight makeup is the natural everyday kind of makeup that you do when you go to work, market, places etc. It is you and your real look. No addition, no subtraction and no fake contours, double foundation or concealers, just your God given face mildly enhanced with light makeup products. imagine you wake up in the morning, take your bathe, use some nice lipsticks, carve your brows, add some little eye liner and powder your face so its not oily or dull… that is straight makeup and the is the kind of makeup i will personally advocate for anytime. with this kind of makeup, you are not some witchy, Jezebel or celebrity look alike, you are yourself and that’s okay.

These days, our ladies prefer fantastic or character makeup, they want to look like a pro or a celebrity all the time and most of the world celebrated beauty brands have contributed to this brouhaha! what you do not understand is that most of the celebrity you imitate wear makeups when they are on set or when they have public engagements. If you are not in the showbiz world or constantly on the spotlight or an ambassador for a beauty product, you have no business looking flawless all the time. To yourself be true and accept that with or without makeup, you are good to go.

Health wise, too much makeup ages you faster and these are some of the things beauty products wont tell you. For instance, you are 20 but you already look 30 because of excessive makeup regimen. It is fun when you start but you end up aging faster than your age and with more wrinkles especially for people who sleep with makeup on. also, if you are used to wearing makeup all the time, you will become too addicted to it and you will gradually loose your self confidence and never want to go anywhere or see anyone without your makeup on. So try reduce it please, you are beautiful just the way you are and you can enhance your beauty more by keeping it simple. simple is sexy, simple is natural, simple is comfortable so don’t overdo it.

In addition, should you be afraid that people will find you unattractive or that the man you want will not find you beautiful enough for him if you are not on makeup, then he is not your man and those people are critical and judgemental of you, never live your life to please others, do what makes you happy and free. the irony of it all is that men want to see who their woman is so allow him to see you the way you are. if he is yours, he will come and he will stay. Infact he will love and touch your naked sensual face every morning and trust me, if your hair is dope, you drink enough water, rest well and maintain a joyful attitude, your face will look naturally glam, calm, younger and beautiful without makeup in no time.
Finally, this is my one cent, instead of dwelling on makeup everyday trying to look flawless, live to add more value to your personality, be more than your makeup, your beauty and your looks. Think of how you can make impact in your world and how you can be a queen to that king you have been praying to God for. Be like the proverbs 31woman, be like Esther, Deborah or Ruth, these are women that didn’t start out with how they appear because they started out with a purpose bigger than them and they gradually fit in to it.
Too much concentration on being flawless will not allow you to fulfill purpose or be a better woman; so next time you want to wear your makeup, ask yourself, what do i want to look like? Me, bitchy witchy Jezebel or some celebrity character that do not know i exist? A word is enough for the wise.